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Services Overview

Resource Connections works with you to secure and design the services you need in support of the identified outcomes for your personally-defined good life. All services require referral by the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA).

Eligibility Assistance

The RCI Eligibility Specialist processes applications when you are referred by the DDA Southern Maryland Regional Office. The process generally requires an interview and copies of certain documents, which helps us to prepare written recommendations. DDA makes the decision regarding eligibility and category of service need; they will advise you directly and in writing.

Waiting List Coordination

Waiting List Coordination is specific assistance given while you are on the DDA Waiting List. The Coordinator will help you to locate and connect with community resources. The level of support we can give is determined by the category of service need established by DDA.

Resource Coordination

Resource Coordinators help people who are receiving DDA funded services to identify desired outcomes, connect to appropriate service providers and community resources, work with their support team to develop an effective plan, and then the Coordinator monitors implementation of the plan and satisfaction with services. 

It is important that the Resource Coordinator gets to know you personally in order to help you create a plan that is meaningful and centered on what you want to achieve. The Coordinator schedules meetings when you have a special need or concern, and visits you at least four times throughout the year to see how things are working for you. Each year they must coordinate an annual review of your plan and services to be sure you are satisfied and making the kind of progress you want to make.

Waiver Enrollment

Maryland's Medicaid Waiver programs allow people to maximize funding for services that are provided in the community, including a program of Waiver services available for people who are determined DD eligible and authorized for specific services funded by DDA.

RCI Waiver Specialists help you to secure and retain enrollment in the appropriate Waiver, thus ensuring continued services and access to other benefits such as Medical Assistance and Social Security.

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