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What is a developmental disability?

Developmental Disability means a severe chronic disability that:
  • is due to a physical or mental impairment, (other than sole diagnosis of mental illness) or to a combination of mental and physical impairments;
  • is likely to continue indefinitely;
  • occurred before 22 years of age;
  • results in an inability to live independently without external support or continuing and regular assistance; and
  • reflects the need for a combination of individualized services.

What does the Resource Coordinator do?

A Resource Coordinator assists individuals in obtaining the best quality and most appropriate services and supports within available resources once they have been authorized for services funded by the Developmental Disabilities Administration. The Resource Coordinator will:
  • determine an individual's needs, preferences, desires, and satisfaction;
  • assist the individual through planning to choose desired goals and outcomes;
  • assist the individual and family in locating services and developing supports;
  • advocate for the individual to assure protection of rights;
  • monitor and act as a third-party advocate for implementation of the Individual Plan and consideration of the individual's needs and preferences.

How do I apply for services?

To apply for services through the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA), you must fill out a DDA application and submit the application to your DDA Regional Office. An application can be obtained by visiting the DDA website or calling your DDA Regional Office.

If I have services, how do I request a new service or a change in my services?

The Request for Service Change process was implemented by DDA in June 2010. This process must be followed for any change in an existing service, regardless of cost. The Request for Service Change (RFSC) form must be completed and submitted to the appropriate DDA regional office by the Resource Coordinator (RC) in order to be considered.

Which service changes must adhere to this process?

* Adding a new service
* Stopping a current service
* Change in service, such as Day to SE or residential to CSLA
* Additional supports for an existing service, such as increased staffing
* Change in services model, such as group home to ALU

What is the process?

Any person receiving services, or a member of the person's support team may request a service change at any time. A meeting with the focus person is required for discussion of the request; others to be included are determined by the focus person, but would generally be the active planning team.

The meeting discussion should include all available options and input from members of the team. Consensus is indicated by team member signatures. Disagreement on the part of any team member(s) should be noted on the signature sheet and in the meeting minutes.

After the meeting, the RC completes the RFSC form and secures additional documentation relevant to supporting the request. The completed RFSC form is reviewed and signed by the person served, and then forwarded by the RC, with supporting documentation, to the DDA Regional Office.

What documentation is needed for approval?

At a minimum, documentation of the team discussion is needed. Additional documentation depends on the request; (i.e., incident reports and data to support additional staffing; completed assessment to reflect needed skills to reduce level of supervision). Decisions will be delayed if sufficient documentation is not provided.

Who makes the decision?

Decisions are made by DDA within 45 days of submission. A signed letter from DDA authorizing the requested change is required prior to implementation of any change in services. Denial may be appealed by the person requesting the service; (appeal rights information is included with DDA's letter of denial).

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